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Testimony Letters

From: Ramsey Laurens

"The employees in my hotel are so impressed with your product that I wanted to send you this message. We are really delighted with the results. The problem was an extremely slick, polished granite foyer floor covering. I, as the owner of the hotel, am always afraid of possible injuries to customers, and of course, my employees! The application of your product has helped put a stop to everyone's dilemma. Congratulations on such a wonderful product!

                                                Thanks again!
                                                Ramsey Laurens
                                                Austin, Texas


From: Hugh Frederick

We didn't have to strip the floors or have someone come out to treat our floors like with other products! This saves us time and money and having to close down for 24 hours! We highly recommend your product and tell all of our friends about it!

                                                Hugh Frederick
                                                Chattanooga, Tennessee


From: Uncle Tom's Supermarkets

Since applying your product in all of our stores we haven't had any more reports of slipping or sliding! Thank you so much. I am truly convinced your product is THE best anti-slip treatment on the market. AND so easy to use and apply!

                                                Managment, Uncle Tom's Supermarkets



Shipping and Handling: $10.00 (Additional $20.00 for outside the US)

**No product can completely eliminate the risk of injury from falling on slippery surfaces.  So always use caution. However, when applied properly, SlipGone dramatically reduces the slipperiness of tile and other surfaces.  Always apply SlipGone as directed.**

All Prices subject to change without notice.

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