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SlipGone for Bathtubs
Specifically for Bathtubs
8oz (239.5mL)
for approx. 2-3 Bathtubs

Finally a product made specially for Bathtubs and Hot-Tubs! "SlipGone for Bathtubs" eliminates the need for ugly non-slip tapes or strips! Takes only about 5 minutes to apply, and lasts approx. 10 years!

"SlipGone for Bathtubs" is an invisible chemical treatment that helps dramatically reduce the slipperiness after only one application! "SlipGone for Bathtubs" has been thoroughly tested and proven in actual use on tens of thousands of tubs in private residences, hotels, hospitals and senior care facilities. A simple, invisible, do-it-yourself, one step treatment for safer tubs!

Just apply and rinse with water after 15 minutes.

The entire surface of the bathtub can be treated with SlipGone. Don't waste your money on those ugly "Non-Slip" strips, rubber mats, or tapes that peel off after only a couple of weeks! Give your tub a neat and clean appearance with the protection of SlipGone!

SlipGone will also protect grout from staining and being damaged by any liquid. When SlipGone is applied over tiles and grout lines in acceptable conditions, it eliminates the need for special cleaning products to clean grout.

How to Apply


Shipping and Handling: $10.00 (Additional $20.00 for outside the US)

**No product can completely eliminate the risk of injury from falling on slippery surfaces.  So always use caution. However, when applied properly, SlipGone dramatically reduces the slipperiness of tile and other surfaces.  Always apply SlipGone as directed.**

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