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How to Apply SlipGone

  • Surface does not need to be stripped.

  • Use straight from the bottle (do not dilute with water)

  • Apply quickly to evenly distribute before drying!

  • Clean paint-roller or sponge quickly after application to easily remove SlipGone.

  1. Clean surface to be treated with a neutral cleaning to degrease and remove all residues and rinse with clear water very well. Surface needs to be very dry before you apply SlipGone. Allow porous materials such as Limestone or porous Marble to thoroughly dry out before applying SlipGone for approximately 24 hours.

  2. Apply SlipGone with a paint-roller (larger areas) or a soft sponge (smaller areas)

  3. Apply SlipGone evenly over entire area to be treated, making sure to coat the entire surface. ("Wet look" will help to determine where SlipGone has not been applied yet)

  4. The treated area will eventually look "dull" or "hazy" after approx. 15 minutes or until dry.

  5. Once completely dry, rinse with cold water and the surface will have the same shine and the added protection of SlipGone!


It's easy to "Do-It-Yourself"!

SlipGone bonds itself to the surface to a microscopic depth. This means that SlipGone will remain effective for as long as it takes to wear the floor down to the same depth.


Shipping and Handling: $10.00 (Additional $20.00 for outside the US)

**No product can completely eliminate the risk of injury from falling on slippery surfaces.  So always use caution. However, when applied properly, SlipGone dramatically reduces the slipperiness of tile and other surfaces.  Always apply SlipGone as directed.**

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